Embrace the Future of Small Business Support

Elevating Economic Development to New Heights

Digitize and systemize the service you provide to small businesses and entrepreneurs to streamline tracking, reporting, and relationship building.

A Relationship-First CRM Tailored for EDO Excellence

Our platform is designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of EDOs, from streamlining operations to fostering meaningful connections. Runway stands apart as a Relationship-First CRM that prioritizes service and relationships, ensuring that your focus remains on nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


New Clients, Service Requests, and Events

Runway revolutionizes how you capture interactions, from onboarding new clients to event registrations. Our system ensures that every touchpoint is an opportunity to engage and understand your community better, laying the foundation for strong, enduring relationships to foster the growth of every business.


Right Service at the Right Time

At the heart of economic development is the commitment to serve. Runway transforms this mission into action by providing a dynamic platform for running entrepreneurship programs. Through our intuitive interface, EDOs can deliver great support to their clients, helping to cultivate a vibrant, thriving business landscape.


View Metrics on Your Dashboard

Create internal dashboards to track metrics or make dashboards public to share the great work your organization does with the community you serve.

Runway AI Copilot


Analyze and Export Data for Reporting

When it comes to state and federal reporting, accuracy and timeliness are paramount. Runway streamlines the reporting process, enabling you to view and edit client data or filter submissions by type. When it’s time for the next reporting period, download client and submission data to Excel to assist in completing your reporting requirements.