About Runway

Our Story

A team of experienced technologists, who were at the forefront of digitizing financial markets, have come together to apply the same transformation to insurance markets, economic development organizations, and other industries.

When we first encountered how independent insurance agencies operate, it was clear that modern agencies needed a request and support system to accompany their AMSs. We built Runway to digitize all insurance operations for Insurance Agencies and the organizations that they serve.

We also work with economic development organizations in Michigan to gather and track client data for reporting purposes and team success.

The Future of Business Operations

Our Vision

We see Runway as more than a platform; it’s a catalyst for positive change in how teams operate. We strive to create a space where agencies and organizations can focus on what truly matters—providing exceptional service, fostering growth, and achieving success.

Meet the Team

Who We Are

Our team is a group of experienced developers and designers who have come together to build a modern software platform tailored for growing teams.

Situated in Hancock, Michigan, near the shores of Lake Superior, our location serves as a hub of expertise where we work to provide innovative solutions for our customers.

Jake Northey

CEO and Product Manager

Jonathan Pentis

Frontend Lead

Blayd Lewandowski

Frontend Developer

Devin Leonarduzzi

UX Designer

Emilie Rummer

Fullstack Developer Intern

Josh Staples

Fullstack Developer Intern