Digitizing insurance requests and simplifying operations

Digitizing Insurance Operations

Runway is an Insurance Operations platform that enables insurance teams to work with a single stream of digital requests and streamline operations.

How Runway is Transforming Insurance Operations

Independent Insurance Agencies are overwhelmed with requests through all channels, email, phone, text, fax, and walk-ins. Runway is digitizing and streamlining these requests.


One Directory

To make it easier for organizations to find and send requests to the right insurance agent, we’re creating a single directory. Agencies will be able to manage their preferred contact method, and lenders and other certificate holders will have a single place to look up the right insurance agent.


Digitize Insurance Requests

Say goodbye to juggling requests over the phone, email, or fax. We are digitizing insurance requests making insurance operations easier for everybody.

Emails, form submissions, and online service requests are gathered in Runway where they’re assigned to the right agents. 


AMS Integrations

Integrating systems such as Agency Management Systems (AMSs), Dealer Management Systems (DMSs), and Core Banking Solutions streamline requests from source to destination. This offloads a lot of the manual processing steps that occur in today’s insurance operations.

Join us as we work towards integrating AMS with Runway to create a streamlined digital agency.

What our customers are saying

"Runway keeps important emails from being buried in our inbox. Our entire team can see where things are in real-time."
Mike Mikkola
Tervo Agency